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Compression Load Cell

CPR503-42 Force Sensor

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Professional High Quality CPR503-42 Force sensor (compression & tension) Force Sensor Load Cell

The design of CPR  is of innovation. It is carried out by our designers who keep their eyes on current furniture market styles or forms.

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The use of the product helps manufacturers cut down labor costs, and shift the investment to other profit-generating things, such as brand advertising.

China pressure sensor CPR withgoodprice-CPR manufacturers-CPR

compression Load Cell CPR503-42 pressure sensor

Customized wheel spoke weighing sensor manufacturers FromChina

The reliable performance and long operational life of this product certainly make it a good value for money from the perspective of users in the long run.

Professional Wheel spoke weighing sensor load cell manufacturers

S-shaped tension and pressure sensor S

Introto Wheel spoke weighing sensor load cell CPR

This product will enhance the quality of life. It is convenient to use, and hence, can make life easier for people.

China Introto Wheel spoke weighing sensor load cell CPR manufacturers-CPR

The product has good permeability. To prevent bacterial build-up, air or water are allowed to pass through.

BestQuality High Quality CPR503-42 Crane Load Cell Load Cell manufacturers CPR Factory

This product has a long lifespan, enabling users to eliminate the hassles of climbing up a ladder or a pole to replace the old bulb. Thus, it helps users cut energy costs.



  Spoke sensor, the high quality alloy material.

High-temperature CPR503-42 Load Cell can be customized.

·Compression load cell

·Alloy steel/Stainless steel construction

·EMC/FCC/ROHS approved

·High accuracy

·High stability

·Easy to install 



  Suitable for force measurement in limited spaces. Widely used for industrial measurement and control, R&D and other applications.  

·Protected against corrosion by nickel-plated treatment

·Metal foil strain gage technology.

·Suitable for small tension & compression testing machine,  small coking coal and material level statistics,  micro tension & compression force measuring equipments such as manipulator,  film sticking machine,  riveting machine,  welding machine and plugging force meter

Miniature Tension Load Cell CPR503-42

load cell CPR sensor Pressure Sensor

S-shaped tension and pressure sensor S

Tension testing machine sensor

Features & Applications

·Double ended miniature tension load cell

·Stainless steel construction                

·High accuracy

·EMC/FCC/ROHS approved                   

·High stability

·Easy to install

·Protected against corrosion by nickel-plated treatment

·Suitable for bolt tightening force,  tension measurement of screw bolts and rod pieces,  extrusion force test,  assemble pressure test and other pressure test

Capacities: 0~2t



Zero balance


Rated output






Temp.effect on zero




Temp.effect on output




Input impedance


Compensated temp range


Out impedance






Recommended excitation

 5~10V DC

Safe overload 


Maximum Excitation

 15V DC

Ultimate overload



4-core Shielded cable Ø3*3m


Stainless steel

Company Profile

        National high-tech enterprise, R&D and manufacturing capabilities Shenzhen Cooperation Sensors Instruments Co., Ltd., was origined from2004, recognized as high-tech enterprise in the design and manufacture of sensor technologies. There are 80% professional technicians in our total staff so that strong technology support could be offered to our clients. 

        Our factory has modern sensor production line using global advanced manufacturing technology and management concepts to ensure our various types of sensors and detection instruments qualifies different market requirements. We look forward to establishing a long term and reliable trade cooperation on the principles of win-win.

        Product categories and market services, agents of well-known foreign brands Our leading products include pressure sensors, miniature load cells, digital sensors, microcontroller multi-function miniature pressure display indicator, all-electric injection molding machine series sensors, intelligent GPRS module sensor signal transmission, intelligent fire-fighting instruments, software engineering support etc. Our company's marketing network covers all over 32 provinces of China after nearly 10 years of continuous development with the aim of providing customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. We are also the agent of world well-known brands from Japanese and European, such as Japanese NMB load cell series, pressure sensors and meters, and American TRANSCELL, CELTRON's load cells and meters. Japanese NMB series sensors have been accepted widely in domestic market because of its reliable quality and economic price also as the first choice for national defense and high-precision control product. -Development history and important achievements In 2004, authorized by Japan NMB for long-term operating in China.

     In 2006, launched into foreign markets successfully. 

    In 2007, became a special distributor of Freescale (formerly MOTOROLA) on pressure sensors.

    In 2014, our expansion force test system gained a national patent.

    In 2017, became a strategic partner with Harbin Institute of Technology.

    In 2018, became a national high-tech enterprise and developed a variety of new energy sensors and software, launched a new product which can monitor expansion force and displacement at the same time. 

    In 2019, the expansion force test system successfully entered the field of new energy vehicles, and the newly developed products are installed distributed force and constant force test systems.


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